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rules for new members

1. Fill out the application below and PUT IT BEHIND A LJ-CUT and BOLD YOUR QUESTIONS NOT YOUR ANSWERS then submit it to us for approval. Your application WILL be deleted if you do NOT use a LJ-CUT
2. You'll be judged on your intellect, intelligence, humor, interests, musical tastes, beauty and creativness.
Apply within 24 hours of joining, otherwise you will be banned.
3. For the question: Did I fuck your mom?, put "No but my dad did." so we know you read the rules, skank. If you don't use that answer you are automatically rejected for not reading the rules.
4. Members will have 2 days (48 hours) to vote on your app. Majority rules. You won't be stamped until more than half the members vote on you. Then you will be stamped and your picture and name will be added to the accepted list.
5. If you are rejected, That means we don't like you now, we're not going to like you later FUCK OFF
6. Once you are stamped, fucking vote and promote.
7. DO NOT ever comment in anyone else's entries unless you've been accepted. You will be banned, it's really fucking annoying.
8. DO NOT post huge pictures, you can resize in photobucket bitch.

please, don't apply to every single vote you get unless you are defending yourself. If you just want to say "thanks", keep it to yourself, they already know you are thankful... you did apply. Having a comment-convo is not bad but don't make it really long, that is what AIM is for.


rules for accepted members

  1. Vote on all applicants

  2. Don't join and not promote or participate

  3. YOU HAVE TO GIVE AT LEAST 2 GOOD reasons why you say yes or no. Your vote wont be counted until you do

  4. Don't back talk or piss the MODS off or we WILL ban you!

  5. Any posts containing pictures or text that is larger than a paragraph needs to be put behind an LJ-CUT



  • U TyPe LyK Dis

  • You don't have a sense of humor.

  • You are under 13.

  • You won't be active.

  • You don't have opinions on important matters.

  • You suck

  • You have NO personality whatsoever

  • All you listen to is mainstream and MTV (there is other music out there)

  • You don't know how to post pictures or use lj-cut. You don't have pictures.

  • If every one of your pictures is the same, or even a different stupid pose

  • You think you are better than us, because your not

  • You take livejournal way too seriously.


Sexual preference:
Your sign:

5 Favorite Books:
5 Favorite Movies:
5 Favorite Bands/singers:
5 Favorite Words:
Favorite body part (on your self):

TTell us something random about yourself:
If you could be in any tv show what would you be, and what character would you be. Why?:
If you could do anything with no limitations, what would it be:
If you could be a crayon, what color would you be and why:
Did I fuck your mom:
What was the last thing you laughed at
Make us laugh (be creative):

OPINIONS (Justify your opinions)

Drug/Alcohol use:
Gay Marriage:

What is your biggest insecurity:
What do you feel is your biggest achievement so far:
What is your best/worst quality:
Where do you see your self in 10 years:
Where did you hear about this community:
Get 2 people to write a SHORT comment on how they percsive you. (give us a way to contact them ie. Email, Lj name, aim etc

Post 3-8 CLEAR, un-photoshopped pictures with at least 2 pictures having a CLEAR view of your face.

Your Mods





Do Not Vote unless You Are Stamped with One of these Stamps By the Mods

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