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Name: Hilda
Age: 18
Location: Rancho Cucamonga Calif.
Sexual preference: straight, but I can appreciate female beauty.
Your sign: Aries.

5 Favorite Books: Gone With the Wind. I, Claudius. Oscar Wides Fairy Tales. Shinue The Egyptian. The Little Prince.
5 Favorite Movies: Jezabel, M, Evil Dead, Finding Nemo, Swing Kids.
5 Favorite Bands/singers: Zao, Walls Of Jericho, Hatebreed, Park, The Adicts.
5 Favorite Words: honesty, seriously, solitude, preserverance, sincerity.
Drink: I LOVE Root Beer.
Food: Cuban/Indian/Chinese
Candy: Sugar Babies/Nerds
Favorite body part (on your self): I really like my hips/stomach because it is flat & I just like the way it looks.

TTell us something random about yourself: I'm 4'11 & I'm allergic to nickle.
If you could be in any tv show what would you be, and what character would you be. Why?: The Simpsons, Lisa. It would be nice to know how it feels to have perfect grades.
If you could do anything with no limitations, what would it be: I'd take over the world!! muwahaha! Okay no, I'd go and get my PhD in cinematography, and try to win an Oscar.
If you could be a crayon, what color would you be and why: I'd be black. Because it's the most useful color. No matter what you're drawing you have to use it.
Did I fuck your mom: No, but my dad did.
What was the last thing you laughed at: haha my parents & I talking about how we dislike the Gypsies, it's kind of an inside thing so I wouldn't want anyone to get offended.
Make us laugh (be creative): Okay so here's a joke...
A man meets a gorgeous woman in a bar. They talk, they connect, and they end up leaving together. They get back to her place, and as she shows him around her apartment, he notices that her bedroom is completely packed with teddy bears. Hundreds of small bears on a shelf all the way along the floor, medium sized ones on a shelf a little higher, and huge bears on the top shelf along the wall.

The man is kind of surprised that this woman would have a collection of teddy bears, especially one that ’s so extensive, but he decides not to mention this to her. He turns to her, they kiss, and then they rip each others clothes off and make love.

After an intense night of passion, as they are lying there together in the afterglow, the man rolls over and asks, smiling, “Well, how was it? ”

The woman says, “You can have any teddy from the bottom shelf. ”

OPINIONS (Justify your opinions)
War: I do agree with the Iraq war. Although I know many people don't. But I was born in a communist country under a dictatorship, and I know how horrible it is to live in those conditions. So I agree to go to war to take down a dictator.
Drug/Alcohol use: It can ruin someones life. If people choose to do it, then there isn't much anyone except they themselves can do. But hopefully if they are abusing it they can help themselves.
Abortion: I think it should be every womans own personal choice. Because of rape, or financial situations you never know what maybe the reason. But I think they should at least have the choice to do what they want with their own bodies.
Gay Marriage: Love is love if it's between two consenting adults, why should it matter if it's between man/man or woman/woman.
Education: You are nothing without it. You need it to go somewhere in life.
Government: Since I have lived in other countries, I love our government I think it's the best there is.
Religion: I believe in a God. But I don't believe in religion I think it's just laws & bylines.

What is your biggest insecurity: I hate going places alone, in fear that people are going to look down upon me.
What do you feel is your biggest achievement so far: The fact that I'm 35 credits ahead in college & I haven't even graduated from high school yet.
What is your best/worst quality: best: I'm really nice & accepting to anyone who is willing to give me a chance. worst: if you do something to make me made I hold a grudge for a long time.
Where do you see your self in 10 years: Hopefully working on movies, having a PhD in cinematography, being married, and with kids.
Where did you hear about this community: I don't remember.
Get 2 people to write a SHORT comment on how they percsive you.
Adrian (aim: theyhavenotools): You are amazing. You make me so happy I can't imagine my life without you. No matter what happens you know how to make everything better.
Alexis (aim: kissmyedgexxx): Hilda is honestly one of the nicest people I've ever met in my life. She's always there for her friends, she's always been there for me no matter what. She's been the best friend I've ever had.

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